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Jul 2, 2007 @ 9:56:00 AM

keep thinking of him every now and then, am i hurting him all along?? i jus can't live in peace.Saying sorry jus can't remove the stain that had stick on my mind.Looking into his eyes make me feel worse sometimes, but i can't bear with all the consequences i've to take.I hope you understand how i feel, and how much i really regret.Can't wait for tomorrow to see him again haha..:D..

but i'm nervous somehow for the competition on Wednesday,is like really nerve-racking.Cox this is the last chance dude..
Being a fake WOK really sux.I need to change my voice..and that SiNGa(Kaiser), made me feel more irritated.Can't he jus read properly from the script?Then we need to rewind again...haiz..
Holding you in my arms is hard..
But to let you go jus like that is even tougher..
I'm jus hoping the best between us..
got to CHaO..