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Jun 30, 2007 @ 12:08:00 PM

yeah, here i go blogging again.I'll blog bout yesterday story then continue on today's stuff.Yesterday, after the Napfa test,Mr Wee called me to practice the shot put, do at least 15 throws.I was quite exhausted after that, but in the end,Elaine,Wu Ping,Jovita and me headed for dinner in Mac Donald..on the way, we say a group of teachers walking back to school.I saw Cikgu Ramlah,Mr Yan and many more.When we were busy having a great mouth watering with the food, i saw a familiar human figure,Aiman and his mother.But what surprise me was that guy was wearing spec.WOW!he did catch my full attention.He was like a 'prince' to me.I didn't expect him to com to Mc Donald as well.I was hoping that he might sit beside us,as it was only the table which was available.But in the end he opened the door and left.He ordered Mc Spicy.And after he left, Wu ping,jovita and i were like crazy laughing loudly except for Elaine.She was busy doing her homework on another table.

Today so happy.Can know the truth, although it was quite shocking.now chatting with him leh,hoping that this will never end.ok..bye