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May 2, 2007 @ 4:43:00 PM

today is a tiring but fun day..i did my English Compo Just now, well i can say it's a bit tough..tomorrow is Malay Compo, i haven't study ar..i'll try my best...SA 1, it comes so fast..i don't think i've prepare enough time to cope with this thing..MAMI, i really don't know wad to buy for your coming birthday,i guess not enough budget..so many ppl's birthday on May..walao..especially towards the end of May..just for special ppl..like THEM..long time never blogging..haiz..(sigh)well, i don't know why i like Westlife so much although that band had vanished..maybe their songs were too great for me..(going IMM is not a bad thing, i like that chicken too, but i hate the honey one,it tastes damn sour)..sms more lah you! i don't mind if you must use your Father's HP...huahua:P..ok i still have lots of things to update..take care guys..