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May 8, 2007 @ 7:17:00 PM

Today i did my Maths paper, it was a bit tough one.I guess i did a lot of careless mistakes,can i get at least 90 and above for this time round.Tomorrow is worse, Malay paper,i am damn lazy to revise and i must memorize all the PERIBAHASA..i don' t want to compete this time, i'm sure that Syafii or Iqah or Aiman or who else will get better marks than me..haiz..at least i'm proud of my Malay Oral results,47.i hope he can try harder,43 is not really a disappointing one.(i'm happy with that marks)..sorry if i can't reply your messages, my fortnightly prepaid is always finish before it should have..1 week only oso finish, then i always suffer for the next week..(sigh)..i always busy,but i must managed my time well for you guys..20 more days is his birthday, i am counting down,day by day..i also don't know what to give him..urgh...hard times to choose the best give is on May..just now i stayed back with Iqah,jovita and Sandy.We did our malay homeworks in canteen and made a deafening voice which occupied the whole canteen. why nowadays he go back so early?can't he just spend some time to stay in school..ok,i must rush through this Malay file..bye guys..