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May 14, 2007 @ 4:51:00 PM

hmm...i got all my results already except for English..Hopefully by tomorrow..all wasn't a disappointing one..maybe that Syafii is gonna beat me for PSLE or Pre Lim in for Malay subject..he eat wad ar?why so pro...haiz..his Malay language is damn good..but i'm tired of competing with ppl..haha..i am going to but a present for that person, but i'll try to give you on the next day,Tuesday.i still donnoe wad to but for you leh...my mind is blank.:p..so Iqah we got the same marks this time...for Kim, my advice is try to improve more in your Malay..i didn't expect you to get 70...FUYOH..good job gerl...and i'm going for my tuition soon...bye...:P