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May 25, 2007 @ 9:42:00 PM

Hey here i go guys..today is fun,playing Ali pom for those of my friends.but i only played badminton since i already brought my rackets along.before that, yati,Nurul and me went to the market to buy a surprise for someone..hope Monday will be a really great day:p..thanks for smsing me and sent me poem which was really touching..today i really feel great despite of the tiredness.Kim was a bit sort today,suddenly angry and happy.(unreasonable)..i am finding someone(boy) to DUET with me for the audition that Mr Pang had announced just now..i was really interested..since all the girls want to do it individually..i asked Banana but he rejected rudely giving me all kinds of sort reasons..can that person be my partner for the Duet??he can song or not ar..??haha..kk enough for today guys..