That explains why she is an October 9 baby. Lia for short. Limegreen never fails to make her day brighter, as bright as classic colours do. Choirs have painted her life more vibrantly. Not a person based on the first impression haha! Nothing much. She's just another secondary school kid. Facebook. Enjoy your stay here :)

Welcome to a Multilingual blog! :)

Mar 24, 2007 @ 6:24:00 PM

i was doing my homeworks at home and wondering wad to draw for the Singapore River thing..i was fighting with my cousins all day..but we'll never get a part since we've grown up together..everything that i do, she always know..and everything that she does, i always comment..i think she has been someone whom i trust most in my family..her name is Jovita..but i always call her DODOL...wahahahaha...many bad and good experiences we've covered in our life... Since the moment we stepped in Singapore.. i will always care about her forever..reader(please don't tell her this) or else she'll snatch my precious teddy bear again..hahaha...ppl think that we are cat and dog..but actually we are so close....